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    Force execution of a specific export profile on a specific job server

    Roberto Arreghini Seasoned Veteran


      is there a way to force the execution of a specific export profile on a specific job server in a multiserver environment?


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          Wladislaw Alles Active Member

          Hi Roberto,


          Unfortunately, this is not possible.

          But since version 10.1. HF1 we have a new role for the server introduced: PRIORITY_JOB_SERVER


          Here is the excerpt from the release notes for this new feature:


          Priority Job Server

          Some jobs are more important than others, or, some jobs should be executed on a dedicated server. To be able to support those use cases we introduced the new priority job server feature.

          A new role for servers has been introduced: PRIORITY_JOB_SERVER. This role can be added to the NetworkConfiguration.xml  file.

          Additionally, a new preference has been added:





          # Comma separated list of job type identifiers which should be executed on the priority job server in case one is available


          com.heiler.ppm.job.server/prioritizedJobs =

          Only job types that are declared as "priority jobs" using this preference will be routed to the priority job servers, as long as the current network has at least one priority job server.

          If there is no priority server currently running, the job will be executed like any other job.

          The list of available job types can be found in the Configuration Manual's Server Job Types section.

          Please note that this priority logic is only available with the out-of-the-box resource-based (default) or round-robin distribution logic. If there are multiple priority servers, the jobs will be distributed among those.

          A server node can be PRIORITY_JOB_SERVER  as well as JOB_SERVER  in which case priority jobs will only be forwarded to this server, but normal jobs will be assigned to this server as well, based on the distribution algorithm.



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