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    To find the flat file used in Loopkup & Sources

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          I have several flat flies used in Lookup.

          How do I find the Flat file names that are used for the Lookup.

          I am not looking for Lookup, if it is using any tables.

          I want to find by quering from Repository tables.


          Similarly I am looking for Mapping that are using Flat files.



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        • 1. To find the flat file used in Loopkup & Sources
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          From following tables you will get to know details of files and lookup used in mapping





          you can join above repository tables to get required result .




          • 2. To find the flat file used in Loopkup & Sources

            Query to get all flat file lookup transformation details


            select d.subj_name folder_name,c.Mapping_name,a.Instance_name transformation_name

            from REP_WIDGET_INST a, REP_WIDGET_ATTR b, opb_mapping c,opb_subject d where


            and a.widget_id=b.widget_id

            and a.subject_id= c.subject_id

            and a.subject_id= d.subj_id

            AND a.widget_type=11

            AND b.widget_type=11 --- Lookup Transformation

            and b.ATTR_NAME='Source Type'

            and b.ATTR_TYPE='6' ---- Flat file