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    Existing Metadata got deleted

    Bharat Rallapati Active Member

      Hi Team,



      Recently we came across one scenario and unable to understand the product behavior, please explain us if our perception regarding of process is wrong.



      Initially we had scanned the metadata from snowflake and everything is fine, But unfortunately we lost some authorizations on few schemas and tables. We re scanned metadata from snowflake database and later we checked in catalog and surprised, that existing Metadata got deleted.



      Could you help us here if any major things we missed anywhere ?





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          Mayank Raoka Seasoned Veteran

          Hi Bharat,


          This is expected behaviour, the user which is configured during resource configuration will fetch table and schema having access. Every time you run the resource in EDC it delete and repull all the metadata, If the user access is removed from that schema and table it will be lost on next run.






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            Darren Wrigley Guru

            as a minor correction - the scanners will not delete all objects and then rescan.  The scanners will delete any objects that are no longer existing. 

            for the case where you don't have access to a table, the scanner will think that the table has been deleted.

            the staging process will be used to determine if any changes are needed (add/update/delete)