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    Address Verification

    Diane Royer Guru

      I noticed in the Release Notes for the next major Informatica Release, it mentioned Address Verification.  I have not seen this before with Informatica and wondered if it was a new service that is included with our Informatica Cloud license. 


      Will the Address Verification verify addresses coming into the system from our imports?  If so, how do we set that up?  Would it just be another option to pull on a mapping?

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          user126898 Guru

          It is not a new service for Informatica.  It has existed within the on-prem IDQ (Informatica Data quality) for many years.  Now for cloud it was released late last year but is based on address verification from the on-prem tools.


          It is not part of the CDI (Cloud Data Integration) license by default.  It is part of the CDQ (Cloud Data Quality) module.  I do not know your current license which may be the legacy license model where you purchased each module where then you would have to reach out to your sales reps or if you are on the newer IPU model which in that case you do have it and can start using it tomorrow.


          Here is the link to the address validation guide:  Introduction to verifier assets


          In cloud we called it a "verifier".  Basically you configure how you want to validate an address and from there it becomes a transformation you pull into mappings to parse/validate incoming addresses and provide a stand output.