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    Elasticsearch Index files are not equally distributed in MDM10.4

    prasad jonnalagadda New Member


      Please let me know if anyone faced similar kind of issue.


      Elasticsearch was installed in a 3 node cluster (Node1, Node2, Node3).
      when we check the size occupied in each cluster, we came to know that Index files were not equally distributed.

      E.g:- Total size is 60 GB, Node1 shares 30gb, Node2 shares 30gb, Node3 is in 10MB<zero>

      My understanding is In a multi clustered environment index/data file needs to be shared equally which i don't see here. Then I checked in provisioning tool for No:of shards declared as "2". It means only two nodes will share the files equally, but how does Informatica/Elasticsearch decides which two nodes needs to share?


      ElasticSearch:- "6.8.6"

      MDM Version:- 10.4.1

      App server:- JBOSS

      DB:- Oracle


      Snapshot from Provisioning tool



      Prasad J