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    QlikSense and Synapse Scanner in EDC

    Raja Shahnawaz Soni Active Member

      Hello Experts,


      We need to have Synapse and QlikSense Server (v 14x) scanned for Data Lineage. I understand from the PAM  that we have QlikSense covered, but the version listed is 3.2 and for Synapse it is not listed in the OOTB or Advanced Scanner list.


      The approach here would be -


      1. For Synapse, since the underlying DB will be SQL Server, so we can cover that directly. Kindly correct me if I am wrong here or share with me the alternatives.

      2. For QlikSense v14.x, do we have to create a custom scanner? Please recommend the best way to have these 2 covered.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Darren Wrigley Guru

          For Qliksense - you can use the standard scanner (starting with v10.4.0.1), no custom scan needed.


          for Sisense.  Scanning the database that the metadata might be stored in won't be useful.  it would document the structure of the database and in this case the content is the metadata you would want to extract.

          Sisense could be imported via a custom scanner.  The sisense has an API where we an extract the model, dashboard and widget information. 

          your timing for this question is good - i had just started working on a prototype design for a sisense custom scanner over the last week for a small sample set.  if you are interested in providing some sample metadata - we could use it for some tests.