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    Customer onboarding Time Chart

    K P New Member



      Can anyone please guide me  on which senario  "Custumer onboarding Time(MDM.RPT.5)" report wouldbe configure ?





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          Bala Gopalan Seasoned Veteran

          In Customer 360, it is one of the default chart which shows how long does it take to onboard a customer.

          It may be displaying how long it took from Customer record creation till onboard process completes(to approved).

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            Priyesh Gupta Seasoned Veteran

            You can refer Customer360 User Guide for more details...


            Charts and Graphs



            Priyesh Gupta

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              Anuvinda Kulkarni Guru

              To add to the above responses, you can follow the same Customer360 User Guide provided above, to understand the different onboarding statuses, based on which this chart would populate data:

              Refer section Customer Onboarding Status

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                Shirshendu Deb Roy Guru

                Hi Kumar,


                Just to make it clear, even if you are not using Customer 360 and using the general MDM 10.4 version, then also you can use this chart to configure as one of the chart components in Provisioning Tool.


                This chart will show you how much time it took for the records to qualify i.e. to be Active from Pending upon creation after going through the approval workflow.


                Below screenshot shows that 1 Professional and 1 Organization record was created and approved (onboarded) as well within less than 2 weeks.





                1. Create all the required AVOS Task Types in PT.

                2. Create one trigger in PT which will get triggered in the event of CreateBE and associate the trigger to one of the underlying AVOS Processes. For e.g. BeOneStepApprovalTask (While creating any record in E360 application it will go through one step approval workflow)


                Note: The customer onboarding chart is only applicable for create scenario, not for update scenario. So, if any update is going through the approval workflow then it will not be considered in the chart report.

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                  K P New Member

                  Thank you.. it was useful answer.