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    Unable to export data into my target file

    Thomas Kennedy Seasoned Veteran

      All I need help,


      After creating a mapping using Structured Parser Transformation I have not been able to export data into my target file. I've gone through the source, the parser and the target file but still unable to find where my mistake is. If there is anyone familiar enough with mapping and structured parser transformation, could you have a look at my setup and see if you can find what I have wrong?



      I re-ran mapping which ran successfully but still no output
      in my target file. Job run is below:


      I re-examine the Properties of the Structured parser
      starting with the Field Mapping which is below:

      The field is mapped to Field 1 which is a reference file to the
      source file and it appeared to be correct. So, I verified the Incoming Fields
      which are below:

      I could not find anything wrong here either but I am not certain
      as I as new to the parser. I looked over my Source again and what I saw is below:

      I have assumed here, my Field 1 reference is correct since
      its origin is the PathFile.csv. I verified the path which is below (I’ve
      removed some sensitive info but it should be readable):


      And finally I review the Target which is below: