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    Create a new sensitive data domain group

    Brian T Vance Seasoned Veteran

      Hi All,


      From what I can tell, only the Domains which belong to the PCI, PHI, and PII Domain Groups are considered "sensitive data". And these are the ones for which you need to the "view sensitive data" privilege to view.


      Is it possible to create a new Domain Group which can also be considered "sensitive data". We have value frequency data that we would like to restrict access to but does not exactly fall into the above categories.



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          Gavin Pullat Active Member

          hi Brian,


          As far as I know, the "View Sensitive Data" privilege is "hardcoded" to these three data domain groups.


          The ability to map other Data Domain Groups to this privilege is a new feature request (happy to be corrected).


          A workaround is to create other Data Domain Groups in line with your requriments and add the data domains of interest into one of the PII / PCI / PHI groups to restrict access. To address any user confusion, you could probably create an intranet page / internal wiki page or other documentation justifying the addition of non-PII/PCI/PHI data domains into the PII / PCI / PHI groups.


          Please feel free to raise a ticket with Informatica Support to get a feature request raised for this.