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    Error loading CSV file into Amazon Redshift table

    Aitor López New Member

      Hi you all.


      I'm getting many problems for loading the whole attached file into the SQL attached table hosted in Amazon Redshift.


      When I split the file on several under 450 rows, it's loaded successfully.


      I've tried to adjust or increase Memory Properties in the session of the mapping:


      • DTM Buffer Size
      • Default Buffer Block Size
      • Maximum Memory Allowed for auto-memory attributes
      • Maximum percentage of total memory allowed for auto memory attributes


      Does somebody know why I always get the following error when the file exceeds from 450 rows?:

      WRT_8229 Database errors occurred:
      FnName: Execute Amazon Redshift (30) Error occurred while trying to execute a query (SQLSTATE 42P02) ERROR: there is no parameter $-32768 SQL STATE (42P02)

      FnName: Execute (DataDirect ODBC LIB) Function sequence error SQLSTATE (S1010)