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    Install PowerCenter Join Domain

    Mohamed Omar New Member

      Hello Informatica Nation,

      I install Powercenter on 2 Servers

      The first server worked fine

      The second server got error while join domain

      "Node Name : Time out while trying to connect domain"

      Any Help please ?

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          David Lopez Cruz Guru

          Check that you have connection to the Gateway node from the Worker node.


          It is important to include host Gateway node name and IP in the /etc/hosts file.


          Please, let me know if that works in your environment.

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            Pavani Mylaram Active Member

            Hi Mohamed Omar,


            In windows the hosts file is located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc


            Even after adding the entry in hosts file if issue persists verify if you are able to do telnet to node01 host and port.


            If it is not working you can check with network or firewall team.


            hope this helps.




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              Nico Heinze Guru

              Sorry to be pernickety again, but this is not necessarily correct. In fact many administrators will refrain from including those host names and IP addresses in the /etc/hosts files (resp. C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts for Windows machines) because that's usually not necessary; in a well-maintained network all these servers are listed and configured via a central DNS (Domain Name Service) server (just make sure they are "Reverse DNS lookup" capable, meaning that a nslookup on the IP address will deliver the same host name that you would enter for a nslookup on the IP host name).


              Generally spoken there are obviously some network connection issues. It MAY be that you can resolve them using the method mentioned by David (or by having both servers set up correctly in the enterprise DNS), but it may just as well be a problem of firewall settings; both servers must be allowed to communicate with each other on all ports from 6005 through 6013 (in case of a default installation) from each server to each other one, the firewall must be open for these ports in both directions.




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                Mohamed Omar New Member

                Thanks Guys So Much David, Pavani, Nico

                I solved the problem with a big help from Informatica Support


                1- Copy SiteKey from First Server

                2- Run DefineWorkNode Command : infasetup.bat defineworkernode -dn DomainDB -nn Node_2 -na Host_2:port -dg Host_1:port -un admin_user -pd admin_pass -rf E:\Informatica\10.5\isp\bin\nodeoptions.xml


                If anyone need my help U can contact me (+966506368872)

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                  Nico Heinze Guru

                  The other minute I recognised that I have left out one bit of additional information.

                  In my previous post I've mentioned that all ports from 6005 through 6013 (assuming that the default range of IP ports is used) should be opened in the firewall in both directions.

                  Now a network administrator may ask, why in both directions? Is it not sufficient to have those ports open from the second server to the first server?

                  The correct answer is: it depends.

                  If server A is the only gateway node in the Informatica domain, then yes, it would be sufficient to open all those ports from server B to server A.

                  However, in most server grids both (resp. all) machines are set up as gateway nodes. And that means that each server may eventually assume the role of the so-called Master Gateway (in fact at any point in time only one of the gateway nodes is actively managing the Informatica domain as a whole, and this "currently active" gateway is named the Master Gateway), and that means that all other nodes must be able to communicate with all other gateway nodes. Hence it's mandatory in a "standard" grid setup to open all these ports between all these machines in both directions (from server X to server Y and back).


                  Granted, things can even be more complicated if you have one, two, or three gateway nodes in a grid setup consisting of e.g. six servers. But why make life more complicated than it already is? In theory they could set up the grid such that all ports from 6005 through 6013 can be opened from and to the gateway nodes and only be opened to the gateway nodes from the so-called worker nodes. But what is this good for? Would such a setup really increase security in a network? I don't think so. It would only make life more complicated for the administrators AND introduce potential causes of pain (e.g. the domain failing to work) in case of any temporary network drop-out.


                  My 2 cents.