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    Informatica service not started : Login failed error.

    Soumya Arivini Seasoned Veteran



      IDQ 10.2. Hotfix 2 is installed earlier and was working properly. Now all the repository passwords got expired.


      Changed repository passwords and ran the below command


      infasetup.bat updategatewaynode -dp XXX


      But after restarting the Informatica service still getting below error


      Cannot start node because of the following error: [[RSVCSHARED_00014] Internal error. The Repository Capability ['Persistence'] failed to initialize for the following reason: '[PERSISTENCEAPI_0307] [DBPERSISTER_0009] Failed to connect to the database with JDBC connection string 'jdbc:informatica:sqlserver://localhost:1433;SelectMethod=cursor;DatabaseName=INFA_DOM;allowPortWithNamedInstance=true' as user 'INFA_DOM_USR.' Verify that the connection string and user name are valid. This was caused by [informatica][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Login failed for user 'INFA_DOM_USR'.'. Contact Informatica Global Customer Support.].


      Please suggest any missing steps.