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    Wrong corrections, missing residue

    Alfred Schmidt New Member

      Good evening to all,

      I would like to report here an example of cases which in my opinion are incorrectly handled by Informatica.


      case 1)


      StatusCode = 100

      StatusMessage = OK

      ProcessStatus = C4

      MailabilityScore = 4

      ResultPercentage = 63.99


      Original address (request):

      street = Händelstr.

      house number = 5

      postal code = 35279

      city = Neustadt

      country =Germany


      Updated address (response):

      street = Händelstr.

      house number = 5

      Adresszusatz =

      postal code = 31535

      city = Neustadt am Rübenberge

      state = Niedersachsen

      country = Germany


      The transmitted street and postal code match the specified city and it should not lead to a wrong correction that only changes the postal code even if the combination of city and street would be possible in another postal code. The transferred data would have to be prioritized here, if available.


      Furthermore, I would like to report a problem with Residue:


      case 2)

      Original address (request):

      street = transPAL Mönchebergstr.

      house number = 12

      Postleitzahl = 34125

      Ort = Kassel

      state = Hessen

      country = Germany


      updated address (response)

      street = Mönchebergstr.

      house number = 12

      postal code = 34125

      city = Kassel

      state = Hessen

      country = Germany


      In this case there is no entry for residue. I think there should be (transPal).

      It would be nice if you could optimize this and when making corrections that remove words (strings) or numbers from the street, also return these removed elements as a residue in the response. For all I care it could be an optional setting for the interface which is activated by a request parameter.


      thank you and best regards


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