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    How to troubleshoot SAP connection issue?

    Johannes Almiala New Member

      I'm currently upgrading PowerCenter to 10.5 and I'm having trouble getting RFC connection to generate ABAP to a newly upgraded SAP host (ERD).


      Connection to ERD SAP works from old workstation with PowerCenter version 10.1, but it doesn't work from a new one with 10.5.

      Telnet to service ports 3200 and 3300 work, so there is no firewall problem.


      To make things stranger, the connection from the new client workstation to another SAP (EWD) that hasn't had it's transport libraries upgraded yet.



      Mapping Designer 10.1 --> ERD (10.5): ok

      Mapping Designer 10.5 --> ERD(10.5): Not ok

      Mapping Designer 10.1 --> EWD(10.1): ok

      Mapping Designer 10.5 --> EWD(10.1): ok



      Any tips where to look next?


      Thanks in advance,

      -- Johannes