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    Secure Agent not Starting

    Retro Flame Guru


      I have installed secure agent in a VM server and it was working fine but last day for some reason the status was showing as stopped in my runtime environment page and when I try to run the secure agent program from desktop it does not start. I tried running it as administrator also but it doesn't seem to be working. I am planning to uninstall the agent and then install it again. Is there any other way around this? Also can I uninstall it like any normal software and then install it to the same runtime environment as before?



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          Rose Contillo New Member

          Hi Shawn, you mentioned that you see the agent as "Stopped" via the Runtime Environments page on your org. Are you also seeing the agent as stopped on Agent Manager on the server/machine where agent installed as well?

          If the agent is showing as running from Agent Manager one way to isolate the issue is to check the Agent Tomcat's Webservice Component by following steps below:


          1) Isolate if the Agent Tomcat's Web Service is accesible:


          The Tomcat WebService can be accessed using:



          The port number is printed in the tomcat.log:

          2017-01-01 10:10:10,100 IST INFO [root] - creating tunnel for port [18392] using TunnelTimeoutPeriod [300] TunnelRetryInterval [5] timeoutUsedMillis [0].


          2) In case the Web Page does not display or displays an error, check the tomcat.log file for any errors related to the Tomcat startup.


          3) Restart the Secure Agent and verify if the issue is resolved. If not, contact Informatica Global Customer Support.



          If the agent is not showing as Running from Agent Manager, you can isolate the issue via Agentcore logs and check timestamp with an entry that shows that the Agent has been stopped.


          You can also try and manually start the services from Agent Service Start or Stop tab in the details of the secure agent.


          Also please check both of this doc & community forum post on how to start and stop the agent.

          start or stop the Informatica Secure Agent

          Starting / Stopping Agent for CLoud


          To uninstall the agent you can follow steps below:

          To uninstall the Secure Agent, do the following:



          1. Click Start > All Programs > Informatica Cloud Secure Agent > Uninstall Informatica Cloud Secure Agent. The Secure Agent uninstaller launches.



          2. Click Uninstall.



          3. When the uninstall completes, click Done.



          4. Delete any remaining files in the installation directory.



          5. After you uninstall the Secure Agent, delete all files and directories associated with the Secure Agent installation.



          To uninstall the Secure Agent on Linux, do as follows:



          1. Open the command line.



          2. Navigate to the Agentcore Directory ({Agent_intallation_Directory}apps\agentcore).



          3. Enter the following command in the command line to stop the Secure Agent Linux process:



                infaagent shutdown



          4. To uninstall the Secure Agent, run rm -rf on the directory where you installed the Secure Agent to remove Secure Agent files.




          Please make sure that the old agent package is completely uninstalled before installing on the same server/machine.


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            Retro Flame Guru



            Thank you for replying, as I was saying the secure agent was working fine, but later on when I checked the status in runtime environment page it was shown as stopped. and when I tried to open the secure agent software from desktop to restart it from there the program wouldn't open after multiple attempts. I tried to start it from runtime environment page too but it did not work.

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              Jharana Patra Guru

              Hi Shawn,


              Please try it from the agent machine.

              Windows :

              Use start->services ->select Informatica Secure Agent->Stop/start




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                Retro Flame Guru

                Hi ,


                Will it impact my existing connections and tasks if I follow the uninstallation method stated above? Do I have to delete them before uninstallation?


                Or can I uninstall and install a new secure agent to the same runtime environment without impacting any connections and tasks?

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                  user126898 Guru

                  The uninstall will only remove it from the agent machine.  The runtime in the admin page will not be affected which in turn will not cause any issues with the connections.


                  When you re-install and register it should sync to the existing runtime.




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                    Jharana Patra Guru

                    Hi Shawn,


                    Please follow the article  on how to re-register the Agent.