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    Workflow Schedule Not Working for Next Schedule Run

    Ilvan Faozan Arief New Member

      Hi All,


      I Have some issue, actually after my Informatica Upgrade to 10.4.1, some of my workflow is not working for next schedule run.

      Let say I have 16 workflow, All workflow is run every 5 minutes, but after upgrade to 10.4.1 some of the workflow its looks like unexpected unscheduled or it not schedule for the next run (the time is random). do you know why this happened? in previous version I don't have this issue.


      What have I done but still have this issue:

      - Set the workflow schedule to run on demand, after that run the job, after that set the schedule again.

      - Create New workflow, and copy the session from existing to new and set the schedule

      - Rename the workflow existing

      - Clear all the storage file

      - Recycle the integration service


      i saw also have checked the IS logs, there is no error found there


      Please help for this issue




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          Syed Aziz Guru

          Hello Ilvan,


          Please see if you have the following entries in IS log; then the 10.4.1 environment may need EBF-19160. 


          LM_36814 : Workflow [wf_Name]: Got scheduled request to start workflow.

          LM_36813 : Workflow [wf_Name], run instance name [] is scheduled to run now, schedule last saved by user [DELETED-550003071].

          LM_36801 : Workflow [wf_Name]: Workflow will run next at [Mon Jan 01 00:00:00 1753].

          LM_44260 : Workflow [wf_Name]: Workflow will be rescheduled after the current run completes.

          LM_36318 : Workflow [wf_Name]: Execution succeeded.


          Before you proceed with applying the EBF, please open a Support Ticket to confirm if the above EBF do not have any conflicts with an existing EBF (if there are any).  Share the ebfHistory.info file with the Informatica Global Customer Support Engineer from all the nodes of the domain and the CSM output for review.


          Best regards,


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            Ilvan Faozan Arief New Member

            Hi Syed,


            Thanks for your information. I will try to ask the Informatica support for EBF.

            I believe when I saw the workflow log, there is log like that. unfortunately I didn't save the workflow log.


            Currently I changed the scheduler to Run On Continuously, and didn't faced this issue. but still I'm curios why if change the scheduler to every 5min or 15min, sometime the workflow is look like unscheduled by themselves.




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              Santosh Gade Guru

              If it is indeed the bug that Syed is mentioning here , the workflow doesn't get unscheduled but actually gets scheduled to Mon Jan 01 00:00:00 1753.


              Per my understanding there is a complicated logic as to when this happens that includes one run running longer than the interval between schedules.


              If you do see Mon Jan 01 00:00:00 1753 in you IS log , please do follow steps mentioned by Syed above

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