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    Using Environment Variables in IICS command task content

    Dev Anand New Member

      I have assigned the environment variable in my Linux box where I have configured the Secure Agent.

      export $SCRIPTPATH=/home/user/scripts

      This is the path where I have placed all my shell scripts.

      In IICS command task, I configured the script file path as $SCRIPTPATH/my_shell_script.sh (Refer below screenshot)

      When I tried to run the taskflow It threw the below error,

      "File my_shell_script.sh does not exist on bov1"


      Things I have tried:

      1. I have tried restarting the Secure Agent after setting the Env variable. But still didnt work.

      2. I have created a sample file to echo the environment variable $SCRIPTPATH and executed this file from IICS. It printed the correct path. But dont know why it is not taking the path when used directly in the content.


      Am I missing anything here?  Please advise. Thanks in advance.