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    Connectivity : Informatica CAI to Salesforce CRM

    Mangesh Joshi Active Member

      Hi Informatica CAI team,


      I would like to know the connectivity mechanism options in Informatica Cloud Application Integration ( CAI ) to Salesforce CRM


      Assumption :   i) Our  team wonot have access to Salesforce env and  there is no connection configuration need to do at Salesforce CRM end . ii)  So expectation to established connectivity  from Infromatica CAI to Salesforce CRM , so connection configuration need to establish in Informatica CAI env only


      1)  What are the options / Mechanism in Informatica CAI env  (assuming admin privileges)  which can established the direct  Connectivity  from Informatica CAI env to Salesforce CRM


      2) Is there JWT (Java web tokens) options works from Informatica CAI env . and what is the  JWT configuration  settings in Informatica CAI env .


      just thought : if  anyone can through some light on Salesforce Managed Package


      3)  Does it Mandatory , to installed  Salesforce Managed Package for Informatica  in Salesforece CRM env .


      and is this salesforce manage package  are mandatory , to establish the connectivity / configuration between Salesforce CRM and Informatica Cloud Applicaton Integration env .


      What is the cost of Salesforce Managed package for Informatica ?  Does Salesforce Admin installed/configured this Package in Salesforce Env.



      4)  What is the Basic Connection Difference Between  Informatica Data Integration tool and Informatica cloud application integration


      --   Connection  in Informatica Data Integration


      ---   Application Connection in Informatica Cloud Application Integration


      ---   Service Connection in Informatica Cloud Application Integration