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    How to start with PMCMD

    SP K Seasoned Veteran

        Hi Team,


      we have a informatica 10.4 setup in windows environment and we need to start using executing workflows using PMCMD commands going forward and need help how to start with.


      Do i need to change any settings ?

      where do i need to save the password file ?


      looking forward for the complete instructions.

      I also need to execute the wf form client machine





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          Syed Aziz Guru

          Hello SP,


          Here is the discussion on, "pmcmd in a multi-gateway domain" pmcmd in a multi-gateway domain; "The new behavior (10.4) places the master gateway node entry at the top in the domains.infa file, then the other available gateway nodes and then the unavailable nodes.


          The old behavior just pulls the information from the domain table directly (as-is). In general the entries in the domain table are stored in alphabetical order (I assume; not very sure though).


          The infacmd UpdateGatewayInfo will lead to the domains.infa file being created / re-written based on the contents of the domain tables -- Correct


          The infasetup UpdateGatewayNode writes to the local domains.infa file only. When the Informatica services on the node is started, the entry is updated in the domain table."


          Also, here is the KB 11332 to, "Encrypt the PowerCenter repository password when using the pmcmd and pmrep command line tools" Support


          Best regards,


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            Nico Heinze Guru

            With all due respect, but starting with these four advanced topics is - in my personal opinion - not the best way to answer such a basic question. We should strive to build the foundation first before going into details.


            Simple things first:

            There is a PDF file available (Command Reference guide), part of the documentation set for the Informatica platform and PowerCenter. This PDF file contains several introductory chapters about how to set up the command-line utilities, how to set up environment variables (though this is a tad thin in my opinion, in particular when it comes to Windows setup), and the like.

            The last three chapters of this guide are devoted to pmrep and pmcmd, the two command-line utilities for PowerCenter contents.


            In short:

            You should start by reading the first few chapters of this PDF guide (in order to get accustomed with their general setup), followed by the chapter about pmcmd.


            This should give you a head start and will hopefully be sufficient for your first "experiments".


            Whatever additional questions you have, please don't hesitate to ask them here. There are quite a few things to consider (not only in terms of security), but I would prefer to handle them when you are ready for those points. Let's start with the "easy" things.




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              JanLeendert Wijkhuijs Seasoned Veteran


              I agree with Nico to start with the basics and go through the command line utilities pdf.
              I have one addition which I would like to make given the functional requirement.
              If you want to use command line commands from a client machine you need to have the command line utilities installed on that machine or else it won't work.



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                Nico Heinze Guru

                My apologies to be pernickety about Jan's remark:

                If you have the PowerCenter clients installed on a Windows machine, then the command-line tools are already installed on that PC. For example, if the Designer executable (pmdesign.exe) is located here:


                then the command-line utilities pmcmd and pmrep can be found here:


                Just make sure before calling pmrep or pmcmd that you "chdir" into that directory and that the environment variable INFA_DOMAINS_FILE is set correctly.


                If you're talking about some other machine, then yes, you need to have the so-called Command-Line Client installed. This is a stripped-down installation of the PowerCenter (and Informatica platform) binaries, only suitable for invoking pmcmd, infacmd, and the rest.


                In case you want / have to use the Command-Line Client, please contact Informatica Global Customer Support (GCS) to raise a so-called Shipping Request, the Command-Line Client is (as far as I know) not available for download via the Informatica Network; GCS can provide you with download links.


                Regarding licensing please note that the command-line client does NOT count in terms of the license contents. For example, you can install the command-line client on 5000 different Windows 10 and Linux PCs if you want to, that's no problem at all (except for the increased network traffic).




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                  Pavani Mylaram New Member

                  Hi SP K,


                  I agree with Nico.


                  For the basics, you can refer to Command Reference Guide.


                  Below are the links for the same:


                  pmcmd Command Reference


                  Hope this helps.





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                    JanLeendert Wijkhuijs Seasoned Veteran

                    Hi Nico,


                    I am aware we have the cmd line utilities available with the client but given the fact in the original post it was referring to pmcmd startworkflow I wasn't thinking about a machine having the clients installed.
                    I have worked for several large clients where scheduling of workflows was done by scheduling tools like Stonebranch and even Airflow therefore my assumption it would be a machine other than a machine with client software.

                    Very interesting as well is seeing integration of Azure DevOps with PowerCenter using cmd line utilities for deploying powercenter logic from one environment to another.



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                      Nico Heinze Guru

                      Hi JanLeendert,


                      the point is that the original question was about a "client machine". No more exact indication. So you and me might well both be right, we can't tell before SP K lets us know.


                      And yes, it is quite common practice to have some enterprise scheduling tool at hand which executes the PowerCenter jobs via pmcmd. In fact some of them even use an interface which is less resource-intensive; for example, for Ctrl-M (if memory serves me right) there's an add-on available which interfaces with the Integration Service via the Web Service Hub. I've heard of customers who are very fond of this feature.


                      SP K, do you build your own scheduling system or do you have an enterprise scheduler at hand?