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    EDC 10.5 Upgrade

    Kenneth Guyette Guru

      Has anyone upgraded to EDC 10.5 yet and are they willing to share their experience (pros and cons)?  We are looking to upgrade from 10.4.1 and beyond the upgrade itself are wondering if there are any known issues or newly discovered issues with 10.5.

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          Chet Justice New Member

          We just started our upgrade in Dev today from to 10.5.

          Will report back after completion.

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            Joel LaPlount Guru

            Hi Ken,


            Another great resource, if you haven't looked at it yet, is the Upgrade Planner on the Success Portal.  Success.Informatica.Com.  You can use your Network login credentials.


            Under "Explore" you will find "Upgrade Planner 10.5" and on that page you can click on the Enterprise Data Catalog tab to get a lot of details and tools for planning your upgrade.



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              Chet Justice New Member

              For reference we're using the EDC_105_UpgradingFromVersions1040AndLater_en.pdf and IN_105_InstallationForEnterpriseDataCatalog_en.pdf guides.

              Our set up is as follows and lives in AWS, RHEL (Maipo) OS, and Oracle DB for the repository.:

              • Gateway Node - ics, mrs, etc
              • Node 02 - DIS, Catalog Service, etc
              • 3 (formerly?) Hadoop nodes

              Ran through all the pre-upgrade tasks. Had to enable the RHEL "optional" library to get the libtirpc-devel package.

              Gateway node was flawless. Node 02 upgrade had one minor glitch, the node keystore path from nodemeta.xml didn't copy over successfully. GCS help to identify that. We found the java.security.UnrecoverableKeyException: Password verification failed error in the catalina.out log. Fixed with this command:

              $INFA_HOME/server/bin/./infasetup.sh updateGatewayNode -nk /home/infa/ -nkp <keystore_password>
              Next up was creating a new Cluster Service. Followed the directions and ran into some prevalidation failures (tailing ICS.log). First was our use of IP addresses instead of hostnames which was an easy fix. Second was SELinux was not disabled. You can disable that in the /etc/selinux/config file.

              That cleared all but one last one, certs and keystores. The directions are in Appendix C of the IN_105_InstallationForEnterpriseDataCatalog_en.pdf guide but it's not terribly clear what we're doing (we're relatively new to Informatica administrative tasks).

              Will update once successful.

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                Kenneth Guyette Guru

                Thanks for the insight.  This is helpful.

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                  Chet Justice New Member

                  For the record; SSL type stuff (certs, keystores, truststores) are my kryptonite. For all the reasons, I really struggle here.

                  We did require GCS help with the section mentioned in Appendix C of the Installation guide. I believe it's in the Upgrade guide as well.

                  There are some known issues with the generate, specifically, one of the generated folders. The cluster Service name is used to create the folder. So if your cluster name is "ics_dev_10_5" the folder created will be "ics-dev-10-5" and we have to copy it and rename it to "ics_dev_10_5"

                  Once we got through all that with this call:
                  java -jar GenerateCustomSslUtility.jar -in input.properties

                  The cluster was created and passed all pre-validation checks.

                  However, when we began to test out our resources, we ran into SSL-related issues. One in particular was the inability to access the logs via "Log Location" on the cluster.

                  This site can’t provide a secure connection ip-10-9-33-15.ec2.internal didn’t accept your login certificate, or one may not have been provided.

                  Try contacting the system admin.


                  We submitted another GCS ticket for assistance now.

                  Also, I'd like to mention again that I'm terrible with SSL type stuff so...

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                    Chet Justice New Member

                    Still going (in Development)...


                    1. ERR_BAD_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT

                    With the SSL stuff for the new node. There's a "browser_cert.p12" file located in one of the folders, it needs to be installed on the local machine. As previously mentioned, if I had a better grasp of all that SSL stuff, that may not have been as much of an issue.


                    2. Business Term Association step has been failing. We traced that back to our Axon Glossary Resource. Axon version is 7.1, with 2 EBF's applied (20079 and 20507). We're working with GCS to get this resolved but it's not looking good at the moment.


                    One of our biggest drivers for the upgrade was the Tableau Scanner (we lost it in a previous upgrade). We've also realized that 10.4 goes end of life on 3/31/2022, ~9 months from now. 

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                      Kenneth Guyette Guru

                      Thanks for the continued insight.  We had a little trouble getting started but I have not heard of any significant issues yet.  We are not using Tableau at this time.