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    2 Agents in one group is there a way to have a mapping task always use one?

    David Cribbs Guru

      So we have an agent group that has 2 agents in it.  One is located in Azure and one is at a physical location.  Some mappings are faster going through one agent vs. the other, depending on the physical location.  For instance have a mapping task that gets data from a data center and move it to a staging table in Azure Synapse.  Then we have another mapping task that moves from an Azure Synapse table to another Azure Synapse table.  The first mapping works fastest when the agent group uses the physical location agent.  The second works best when the agent in Azure is used.


      Most jobs do not matter that much.  I have one that runs in just over 20 minutes with one, and probably 4 hours with the other. There is one large field that is causing this to be slower.


      Is there a way for us to force which agent within the group is used?