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    Address Doctor 5 Language setting

    Priyanka Bhardwaj Active Member

      Hi Everyone ,


      I have a requirement in my project where I need to get both formatted address output in English as well as native language in which input address was entered.

      For e.g.

      Input address in German             : August-Röbling-Straße 21

      Expected out put in German        :August-Röbling-Straße 21 6431 GA Hoensbroek

      Expected out put in English         :August-Roebling-Strasse 21 6431 GA Hoensbroek


      We can achieve this separately by making changes in parameter.xml file at server level which can give output either in English or native language.

      But how can we achieve this in one request ?

      I found one link which suggests this but need more clarity



      Any help would be appreciated .


      Thanks & Regards

      Priyanka Bhardwaj