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    SR_17176  Key = Load_Program_Not_Found

    Sarala Naga New Member



      When we try to import the SAP R/3 table, we were able to import and generate the Abap program on my mapping in Dev.

      Same way, when we generate & Install the Abap program on a Staging environment it is hitting an error as follows.

      Kindly help to advise the solution.


      Note:  ABAP functions ( Z_PM_RFC_PROG_INSTAL) is developed / available only in the development environment. Not allowed to transport that function to staging or production.

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          JanLeendert Wijkhuijs Seasoned Veteran


          It's been a while since I worked with loading data from SAP using ABAP and stream mode but I do remember some stuff related to it.
          If you create the ABAP it must start with the letter z (at least with versions prior to 9.6)
          You must save your mapping before you install the ABAP program or else the version control of PowerCenter will prohibit running the program.
          Furthermore we found it best practice to have an ABAP program for every development environment therefore we also included an abbreviation for the environment in the ABAP name and we never deployed the mapping in conjunction with the ABAP program.

          Very likely you will only be able to install ABAP on SAP in DEV. The that case the ABAP program must be deployed to QAS and PRD by SAP administrators in a transport.
          In DEV usually all the transports are deployed which are related to the SAP connector but usually only the runtime objects for SAP are deployed to QAS and PRD.


          Hope this helps


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            Nico Heinze Guru

            No offense intended, but what do you expect. The ABAP function is not in Staging environment, and the SAP program produced by the Designer expects it. So how can it work without this function.

            As long as your organisation refuses to transport this ABAP function to Staging, you simply cannot run this mapping in Staging. It's that simple.


            The big question for me is this: Why do you use a function named Z...? These are development functions, as far as I understand R/3 (which is VERY limited) and of course cannot be transported to "higher" environments. You will have to develop a function with a name which can be transported to higher environments.


            Again, as of my understanding; I might well be completely wrong here, so please anyone feel free to correct my limited knowledge about this topic.




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              JanLeendert Wijkhuijs Seasoned Veteran

              Hi Nico,

              All custom/customized programs on R3 must start with z.
              So it's not only on SAP DEV.

              Regarding Sarala's problem. The SAP connector needs to be installed on the SAP system taking the requirements into account (please refer to the documentation)
              The runtime objects of the SAP connector need to be transported by SAP administrators to higher SAP environments as well.

              While promoting a mapping/session/workflow to a higher PowerCenter environment you can choose to copy the ABAP program information as well. Beware this is only the name of the ABAP program connected to the mapping. The generated ABAP on the SAP system must be copied to the next SAP environment by SAP administrators.




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                Nico Heinze Guru

                Hi Jan,


                thanks for the clarification. One can clearly see that my knowledge of R/3 is VERY limited.