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    Get objects modified on specific date via the REST API

    Gabriel Wallace New Member

      I'm building a report right now reporting on when objects are modified. At the moment, I'm interested in columns and view columns, but this will expand to other objects in the future (schemas, resources, etc). I've been using the /2/catalog/data/objects endpoint to get a specific object type using a filter query and using core.allclassTypes:(<class type id>). This call works as expected. However, I can't seem to get the correct syntax for core.lastModified. I've tried the following:


      1. Using the following query: mod_date:[20210412 TO 20210412]
        The object count returned is less than without this query, but some of the objects have a different date than April 12th, 2021 as their core.lastModified value.

      2. Using the following query: core.lastModified:[20210412 TO 20210412]
        This returns an empty json response.
      3. Using the following filter query: core.lastModified:[20210412 TO 20210412]
        This returns a 500 error with message "Invalid Date String:'20210412'"


      I've included a screenshot of (3) of the Swagger UI that I've been using to build the API call to see if there's something else amiss. Any and all help here would be much appreciated.


      Screenshot (everything else left default):


      Edit: Add screenshot