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    How to use a Source File with a dynamic name

    Diane Royer Guru

      I am trying to use Informatica to automate a process that our Business Office has.  Each week, they receive 5 or more files from our Advancement Department.  Those files list donations made each day that week.  Each file has the name Advancement Donation Report and then a date 04.20.21 (i.e. Advancement Donation Report 04.20.21).  Unfortunately, the dates are always in the past, so I can't just compare the file to today's date.  Is there a way to set up a process that will run for each of these 5 files individually?  For example, if I have a report dated 04.20.21, 04.21.21, and 04.22.21, I would need my process to run once for each report.