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    Informatica 10.4.1 or 10.5 (DEI)

    Andres González Rubio Guru


      we are thinking of upgrading Informatica Platform (DEI) 10.4.1 from 10.2.1, but we have found 10.5.

      What are the improvements of version 10.5?




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          Lekha G M New Member



          Following are the new features available with Informatica DEI v10.5 :


          • Mapping audit: You can validate the consistency and validity of the mapping jobs by creating audit rules and conditions. Rules can be scheduled before and after the mapping runs, either from the Developer tool or infacmd.
          • File manager utility: You can administer the preprocessing and file watching capabilities for a cloud ecosystem. The utility eliminates the need for a complex setup or custom script. You can use the credentials and connections set up within Informatica Administrator for file management.
          • Claire Recommendation: Enterprises that use Enterprise Data Catalog to tag columns as sensitive can share the information with developers. This information empowers developers to take appropriate masking actions to secure data in the Data Engineering pipeline.
          • CI/CD: You can compare objects across services in the same domain and between services across domains.
          • Debugging: The LogPacker utility can now aggregate logs from ephemeral cloud clusters and Spark job servers. A new API is also available to trigger and perform log collection programmatically.
          • Dynamic flattening in mappings: You can flatten complex hierarchical data types in dynamic mappings. Dynamic flattening improves the reusability of mappings when files are processed with hierarchical data types.
          • Multi-match lookups: Helps developers leverage the full functionality of feature-rich Informatica lookups in mappings that run on the Spark engine.
          • Databricks warm pool: Users of the Databricks pushdown capabilities can leverage warm pool instances to shorten cluster startup time with ephemeral or standard clusters from Data Engineering Integration.
          • File watcher: Added support for file watcher or file-preprocessing commands that allows file copy, read, list, rename, move, and watch.



          Please refer the link below for more information:

          Informatica 10.5 is Now Available





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            user186817 Seasoned Veteran

            Hi Andrés,


            Please check below link for new features and changes introduced in 10.5 release:



            Hope that helps.




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              user186817 Seasoned Veteran

              Hi Andrés,


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