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    John Lyons Active Member

      When I do object Import is there anyway in adding text to an object such as the description field of a workflow?

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          Syed Aziz Guru

          Hello John,

          You can edit the XML file and update the description field.  Please ensure that there are quotes in comment fields of one or more objects being imported.  PowerCenter does not prevent a user from using quotes in the description field.  However, when this object is exported using XML export, the XML file format is not validated.


          The best way might be modifying the object in PowerCenter (please no double quotes in the description field).  Then you will be able to export and import the XML files with description text.


          Best regards,


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            Pavani Mylaram New Member

            Hi John,


            Before importing, open the XML in any text editor and update the description field of the Workflow.


            Hope this helps.





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              John Lyons Active Member

              Thank you for the responses. I was hoping not to go that route, only because I would want to automate the change and not screw up the XML.

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                Nico Heinze Guru

                Unfortunately there is no other way but to mess around with the XML file. There is no option of whatever kind in pmrep to change any contents to be imported.