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    Supplier Portal - mailTemplate "${message." references

    Vitaly Khutorny New Member



      Is there any way of adding author's email address to the mailTemplates?


      Already existing references in the mail templates:






      Are there any configuration files for these?


      Example from timeline template:


      <td width="583" valign="top" align="left">

      <span style="color:#222222;line-height:20px;font-family:Arial,sans-serif;font-size:12px;">


      <p>There is a new message on your timeline:</p>


      <p>Author: ${message.author}</p>


      <p>This email was automatically sent to you by the supplier portal. To view the conversation on the portal or change your notification settings, follow the following link:



      <p>If you have questions, don&#180;t hesitate to send us an e-mail:</p>

      <p>E-mail: <a href="mailto:mail@mail.com">mail@mail.com</a></p>









      BR, Vitaly