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    PowerCenter and GitHub

    John Lyons Seasoned Veteran

      Has anyone used Visual Studio to usr Git and PC?


      I need to manage version control using Git. I have done it using Jenkins which supplies a hook to call a Linux Script to do the export, etc and load the XML into Git, but has anyone done this with Visual Studio and instead of Jenkins?

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          Syed Aziz Guru

          Hello John,


          No, GIT version control is only available for the Model repository on the DQ platform. Classic PowerCenter has its own versioning system.  Here is the related KB: Support


          PowerCenter with GIT/Jenkins is not tested or certified; however, this type of Integration has to be built using the PowerCenter command line utilities for export/import (pmrep).


          You can store the XML files in GIT and retrieve them later (through Jenkins) for import back into PowerCenter. There is no out of the box integration between PowerCenter and these tools. Export/import via XML is supported by us, however, you need to develop the scripts to accomplish these tasks.


          Best regards,


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            John Lyons Seasoned Veteran

            Thank you.

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              Nico Heinze Guru

              As a side note, please be aware that a PowerCenter XML export of version x.y should NEVER be imported into version z.a. XML files are validated against the powrmart.dtd, and this can change from version to version. And even if the DTD does not change, the validation rules and importing steps do change from time to time.

              For example, I have seen cases where 10.1 XML exports have been imported into a freshly created 10.2 repository, and a couple of workflows could not be made to work reliably. No way. Not even recreating them from scratch helped.


              So, whatever kind of versioning system you have to develop, please be aware that XML files can not be "upgraded" to a later PowerCenter version (because there is no such feature in pmrep); the only way to "upgrade" XML exports is to import them into the same software version they have been exported from; upgrading the repository; re-export them from the upgraded repository; and then check them in again into the versioning system.

              While this is a tedious (and sometimes admittedly superfluous) process, it is the only safe way to avoid (almost) all kinds of trouble in the long run. Just imagine you have a workflow extracting data from a SAP R/3 system via ABAP calls; the workflow was built back in version 9.5.1. If you try to import this workflow into (for example) 10.4.1, you will end up with HUGE trouble because the import probably will not work; and even if it should seem to work, you can rely on it not to work. Because the ABAP interface for PowerCenter did change in the meantime. Repository upgrades handle these details, that's a guarantee given by Informatica.


              And trust me, I've seen far "simpler" examples of workflows from a slightly old version which could not be imported correctly into a current repository. I don't do that even for myself on my company laptop, and I recommend all my customers and colleagues to NEVER try it.