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    PIM Export

    Ronald Lubin Guru

      Hi all,


      Is it possible to export one item at a time.  So if we had 5 items that were changes I want 5 separate exports to be generated instead of one export with 5 items in it.


      Also, is it possible to send the export directly to a message queue like ActiveMQ instead of generating a file?


      Thank you for your help.




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          Andreas Bühler Guru

          You can create an export template which will create a file per item it you want, but not one export job instance per item. Please take into consideration that a server job has some overhead which is in case of a single item a multitude of the actual load the item causes. You would cause most certainly performance and load issues.


          You can configure a custom post export step to push the content of a file to a message queue if you want to. We do have customers which configured delta exports for example every 15 minutes, or even 5 minutes. They read the exported file and send the items as single item messages to the message queue. This is way more efficient than to have thousands of export jobs running with a huge overload.

          Please don't do that


          I suggest you also have a look at Version 10.1 and it's new trigger payload and message queue integration. With just a few clicks you can sent the full EntityItemChange document which contains all changes within a save operation to a message queue. The trigger framework is not using the export for this, the overload is reduced to a minimum as the document already has been created for audit trail.

          You can not modify the document structure with this thou.