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    How to effectively compare the performance data logs of two sessions with a huge number of objects?

    Jacob JustCoding New Member


      In general, I will briefly outline the problem I am currently facing.

      I need to analyse the performance datea logs of two sessions. This requires me to thoroughly compare and analyse individual objects between the two sessions.



      For this purpose I would like to use the Collect Performance Data functionality from the session level. However, due to the fact that the mappings have several hundred objects, it is very difficult to compare them in a manual manner.


      Suggested solution but...

      First option

      I was thinking of using something like difftool or something similar but I just don't know if this is possible.

      Second option

      There is an option to save the logs of both sessions to a repository but here is the question:

      • What is the name of the tables in the repository that collect this data?

      Then I will take this data from the tables and write a sql query which will compare these two logs in some way.


      I look forward to a constructive discussion as well as possible other suggestions on how to solve this problem.