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    Auto assign media files to items in the PIM

    Bogdan Dan Biu Active Member



      I just want to say that I am new on working with Media Manager and now I need some guidance from you on this topic.


      Into our current project we need to auto assign media files which have the same names as the PIM Item No we want to assign to.

      For example: PIM Item no = 1234 --> needs to have assigned in PIM the media file: 1234.jpg


      can anyone guide me on how to achieve this ?


      From my research I found the bellow KBs:


      HOW TO: Setup Auto Assignment by REFERENCE (Supplier Portal/Media Manager) (informatica.com)

      HOW TO: Enable post-import auto assignment between MAM and PIM (informatica.com)

      HOW TO: Setup auto assignment for PIM/MAM integration (informatica.com)



      Thank you,