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    Bring up Informatica Domain from cloned VM

    inuser526279 Guru

      Hi Team,


      We have successfully installed Informatica (TDM 10.4.1) in a VM Server (say VM1).

      Due to unavoidable situation, this VM will be shutdown and cloned to another VM (say VM2).

      We have been asked to use clonned informatica installation files to bring up Informatica Domain on VM2 without a fresh installation.

      Can you please guide us?

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          That depends on the setup within the VM and the VM itself.

          Does VM2 have the same IP host name and IP address as VM1?

          If so, you can simply start up VM2 and be done.


          If VM2 has the same IP host name but a different IP address, then the following MAY work:

          Change the DNS setup such that the host name is resolved to the new IP address.

          In addition make sure that the so-called "Reverse DNS Lookup" works fine here as well; this means: if you invoke "nslookup" on the IP address, you get the same IP host name displayed that's shown by the "hostname" command.


          If the IP address and the host name change (very likely in your case), then you should use the infasetup.sh command (if on Linux/Unix, on Windows it's infasetup.bat) to change the IP host name and address within the domain database. The respective command is "infasetup.sh UpdateGatewayNode" (resp. "infasetup.bat UpdateGatewayNode").


          There are a few posts about this functionality, there you can find examples of how to proceed here.