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    Using a port name as a value in a mapping

    Philip Sinfield New Member

      We are building our data quality pipeline in Informatica Developer 10.4.1.

      We take each input port from the source table and pass the values in that port through a series of mapplets to execute various DQ processes. At each stage we record the cleansing activity undertaken (e.g. remove spaces).


      As our mapplets are parameterised and re-used for different ports, we don't know which port (column) was cleansed each time and would like to take that value from the input port name.

      For example: When the mapping runs, it takes the 'Postcode' port and runs it through cleansing mapplets 1, 4 and 6 - we want the name of the port 'Postcode' to be picked up and passed to the mapplets so that they can record that the cleansing was undertaken against the column 'Postcode'.

      Then when the mapping moves on to the 'Address' port, it will instead pass that name to the mapplets.


      I've seen some discussion about using Java transformations to get the name, or querying the meta data.

      Is there a simpler approach? If not, can anyone give more detailed information on how to query the meta data?