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    June Meeting Agenda

    Joel LaPlount Guru

      I would like to start a discussion on the agenda for our next IUG Meeting. We will keep the next meeting closer to 90 minutes.  I propose we have another member share a story/discussion on their Informatica implementation, business outcome or tips & tricks related to a project. Additionally, if there is a particular product or product area you would like to discuss, I can recruit Informatica experts to join.  They could be from Product Management or perhaps our Professional Services team depending on your needs.

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          Anthony Scardigno New Member

          In mid June we will be hot on the trail of bringing EDC to life after install (and starting new) and will be preparing for Axon install/implementation.  By this time we will have already faced some challenges and have made progress.  Sanofi is still brand new to the journey and I am not sure anyone else will get a benefit from "newbie EDC/Axon" discussion around implementation/process, but in case anyone else will, that would be helpful for us..


          In other words, don't go down this road unless it benefits others - we at Sanofi will still get a lot of value listening in on anything at this point..




          -Anthony Scardigno

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            Jason Beard New Member

            Anthony, that is the perfect timing to lean on the user group - let the community support you!