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    Custom additional password complexity for Informatica Native accounts setup

    inuser526279 Guru

      Hi Team,



      I would like to enforce below  additional rules on Informatica native accounts due to organization's security restrictions. Kindly advise how to achieve:



      1. Password must expire every 45 days or sooner.

      2. History of last 6 passwords to prevent re-use

      3. Enforce user to change his/her password after first login.

      4. Password should have at least one upper case and lowercase letters (compulsory).





      We have already enabled default password complexity by following 530590.




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          Namratha Dhoolipalla Guru



          When you use Password Complexity, the following restrictions are imposed on the passwords when created:

          • The length of the password must be at least 8 characters.
          • It must be a combination of an alphabet character, a numeric character and a non-alphanumeric character, such as:
            ! \ " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / : ; < = > ? @ [ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~


          When you use special characters in a password, the shell sometimes interprets them differently. For example, $ is interpreted as a variable. In this case, use an escape character to escape the special character.


          For any further enhancements, please raise a Technical Case with Informatica Support team and we will take the request to include it in a future release based on the Business justification.


          Also, please refer to the following KB Article: Support


          The Support Portal link is Informatica Network .

          Please take a look at the following Video KB which will assist you in raising a Support Case with Informatica: How to create a case with Informatica Support


          If you are unable to see the support section to raise a Support Case with Informatica, this could be due to the following: Only valid read/write contacts on a project can open and manage cases online. Once you login, the Access ESupport option in the Quick links will navigate you to the case management portal. This option is visible only for valid support contacts.

          You could also reach out to your primary contact on the project to provide you the necessary privileges to open a case. Additionally you can get more details at our Getting started page Get Started  .




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            Nico Heinze Guru

            Short version: what you want is currently not implemented in the Informatica domain.

            You may raise a so-called Feature Request to have some means of "external" authorisation methods (including your own password policy) implemented in the future.

            Or you simply use LDAP connectivity and have your LDAP server (e.g. Microsoft Active Directory) enforce those rules for you.


            Why exactly does your organisation require native accounts for the Informatica domain? Just want to understand the reasoning to use native accounts instead of LDAP accounts.