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    Changing the default session config

    Ken Skinner New Member

      If I change log options in the default session config. Do I then need to check-out, save, and check-in all the workflows that use that default session config, or will the workflows just pick on the changes automatically at run time?

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          Lekha G M New Member



          When you edit a  session configuration object, each session that uses the session configuration object inherits the changes.


          So there is no need to check-out, save and check-in the workflows, as the changes would be picked automatically by inheritance.




          Lekha G M


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            Smitha HC Guru

            Hi Ken,


            Yes, it will be picked by all the sessions using the config objects. In case if the sessions are impacted due to changes you can follow be,ow steps to validate all the impacted objects.


            The Repository Manager provides the query option to validate all impacted objects. Do the following:

            1. In the Repository Manager, click Tools > Queries.
            2. Create a new query with the following condition:
              Impacted Status = Impacted
            3. Run the query.
            4. Click Edit > Select All > Tools > Validate.


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              Ken Skinner New Member

              Smitha HC, thanks for that suggestion.  I totally forgot about running a query for impacted items.  I'll be testing all this out later today.