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    Is this a bug?

    Pedro Rodriguez Active Member

      Good morning to all,



      I think I have found a bug in CDI that I would like to share with you to see if you can confirm me if it is or not.



      If I run a file load on a Teradata table, file by file in a cyclic taskflow, there is a moment when the DB fills up and the data task that is running, fails.

      This data task is programmed so that, if an error occurs, it executes an Error Handling that executes a command task that moves the file to a defined directory and then executes a "Throw" type task to indicate that the process has failed and why.



      So far, with fewer files (fewer turns in the taskflow) the operation had been correct. However, now that we are doing more serious tests, with a large number of files and large volume, at the moment in which the DB is filled, the data task fails, but instead of doing the expected operation, the taskflow ends abruptly and with a "Success" result.



      I would say that this is due to a bug. However, can you think of any other possibility?



      Thank you very much.



      Best regards.

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          Rakshitha K. R. Active Member

          HI Pedro Rodriguez,


          This is a situational based concern and seems to be in particular to user mapping design. Hence categorizing it as BUG in one response is very difficult.


          Please see if you can open a technical case with all necessary details so that Product support team can analyze it