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    SOAP UI deletion

    Pavan bp Active Member

      After deleting a record using SOAP UI, the status showing as deleted successfully but the record is still present in BO?

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          Sakshi Thakur New Member

          Hi Pavan,


          Are you hard deleting the record or soft deleting it?

          Which SOAP API you are using and what parameters you are passing?



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            Pandiarajan B Guru

            Hi Pavan,


            As rightly pointed by Sakshi, we have two types of delete process in MDM layer.


            Soft deleting a Record -- When you are using  'delete' API from Soap UI

            Hard deleting a Record -- When you are using 'ExecuteBatchDelete' API


            If you are using Delete API, the data will still be present in BO, only with hub state ind = -1