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    System user No permission

    Alex _ Guru



      we have some problems with permission searching item on SDK in preimportstep.


      I set the permissions for each characteristics that I have created on PIM 10.1; the permission are set in readonly only for a one group (customer users). --> open --> read ony access --> user group.


      Using an user assigned to the my admin group, I have the permission to set, delete or create a new value for every characteristic but in preimport step, when I try to search items wich have a characteristic value equal to "my value", PIM broke the request showing: the user don't have the permission to read the char value.


      The user is System (standard user) and I don't understand why this super user havn't full permission; if I try to do the same search deleting the permission rights for the characteristic used into the search, the request is completed correcly.


      Can anyone help me?