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    Reading old messages from the queue

    Sai Ram Active Member

      Hi All,


      I have created a two-process(for ex:- process A, process B). and I have TestQueue, TestTopic.


      • Process A is to push the messages into the TestQueue.
      • Process B is to read messages from the TestQueue and send it to TestTopic. This is an event-based process which means whenever a message is entered into the TestQueue then this process is triggered, reads the messages from the TestQueue and pushes it in TestTopic.

      Now my problem statement is:

      • 1st I will diable the process B and pushes the message in TestQueue(by using process A) for example, the message is TEST1. Now I will enable the process B and again pushes the message in TestQueue for example, the message is TEST2.


      • But the process B is able to read only the latest data which is TEST2 and it is unable to load the old data which is TEST1(pushed to testQueue by disabling process B). I want both the messages should be read and pushed to TestTopic.


      Do you anyone has any idea on how to proceed further, please suggest.


      Note:- these queues, topics are created in Azure Service bus and I am using AMQP connection to access them and created all these steps in Cloud Application Integration.