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    TDM Logs folder description

    inuser526279 Guru

      Hi Team,


      This is regarding TDM 10.4.1 logs files. I could see that logs information are scattered into multiple folder structure across $INFA_HOME. Can you please give some information on what is the nature of log details stored in below directories?





      INFA_HOME/TDM/logs/log_<n>.log      -> here n can be any number from 1 onwards





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          Nico Heinze Guru

          SessLogs = log files of PowerCenter sessions; PowerCenter is the tool to perform masking tasks, sessions are individual load processes within workflows (process chains).


          WorkflowLogs = log files of PowerCenter workflows (process chains); a workflow can consist of one or more sessions (I don't know how TDM 10.4.1 handles this topic, but probably at least one session is always contained within a workflow).


          jobLogs = logs of IDQ (Informatica Data Quality) jobs; these probably often are profiling jobs for data analysis. The results of this data analysis are the data domains of the various attributes in source databases / files.


          log_<n>.log = (if memory serves me right) log files of the so-called Service Manager of the software installation. Each installation is called a "node" within the Informatica domain, and the log files of each such node are stored within these directories.

          Again, if memory serves me right.


          tdm.log = probably (if memory serves me right) the log file of the TDM software itself; this software is used (via the web UI) to analyse data, to define and assign masking rules, to define, execute, and monitor masking and subset plans; and to maintain the test data warehouse(s).


          Serialised workflows: no idea, it's too long ago since I've worked with the software for the last time.




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            Nico Heinze Guru

            Could please anyone from Informatica (or some other knowledgeable person) respond to this question, at least to those parts which I was not able to answer? That would be helpful.


            Thanks in advance,