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    srini komm Guru

      I'm trying to fill out a form for Informatica Cloud Data estimate.In that they are asking about No of jobs, mbs and % .


      Can anyone suggest how can we determine mbs and % in PowerCenter 10.0?

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          MB of processed data: as far as I know, these values are only available via the Workflow Monitor in the session statistics. They are not saved to the session log or log tables in the repository.


          Having written that, you can "ask" the Integration Service via the so-called Operations API (formerly known as the Load Manager API or short LMAPI), a collection of Java classes to interact with the Integration Service.

          But still you can "ask" the Integration Service only as long as it keeps those pieces of runtime information in RAM. At latest at the next restart of the Integration Service this information is lost and gone.


          Do you mean "CPU percentage" by using the percent sign? Or something else? Please clarify.