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    Queries with REST Data service in IDQ

    Dhinesh Kumar Guru

      Dear all, Have created REST webservice in IDQ10.4.1. Get a data from the table. Have observed below issues and trying to get it resolved.


      1) Column order is changing in the response. for ex. my table is Rowid, name, subject, marks, year. in the json response, we are seeing different order as marks, subject, name, year, rowid


      2) If marks column as null, it returns as "Marks"={ } in the json response


         "Studentdata" : [       {         "Marks" : {
               },         "Subject" : "اEnglish",         "Name" : "Informatica",         "Year" : "2021",         "YEAR" : "2008",         "ROWID" : {           "@url" : "https:\u002F\u002Fhost1:443\u002FDataIntegrationService\u002FRestService\u002FStudentData\u002FStudentData\u002F1",           "$" : "1"         }       },

           3) When i select rowid as key in the resource. it creates the element with @ instead of normal json(i think this is 3.1 version or something)


      any insight should be helpful.

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