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    10.2.HF2 support for MS SQL 2012 SP4 DB

    Akshay Dhote New Member

      Although PAM recommends connectivity to MS SQL 2014 onwards, did anyone try connecting to MS SQL server 2012 through Informatica TDM 10.2.HF2 ?

      Does it work for basic functionality like masking ?

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          Does the PAM "recommend" using SQL Server 2014, or does it state that SQL Server is supported only from SQL Server 2014 onward?

          That's a huge difference. If SQL Server 2012 is supported, then you're good to go.

          If SQL Server 2014 is not supported (i.e. not listed as a supported DBMS), then you should not try it. It's that simple.