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    Adding new dependency & updating existing for new plugin creation

    Vaishali Ahlawat Guru

      Hi Experts,


      SBeutler, sreinhardt, dwalter, Ralph81, danielmolinski


      I am working on a custom plugin using preimportstepfunction to unzip a 7z file when it comes to hofolder.

      My code works in general but while doing it in PIM,its ending up in error as it needs two new jars .


      1) xz for tukaani LZMA

      2) upgraded version 1.8 or later of commons.compress for kDummy error resolution.


      xz is not present in my dependencies in SDK and version of commons.compress is 1.7 .


      Could someone here please guide on steps to replace and add the required jars to use them as dependency ?

      Because, if I add them as external jar and try to run it , it end up in IO exception.


      I tried adding my jar in targets directory of SDK but it does not work, not sure if I am missing any specific steps.


      Any help is highly appreciated, thanks in advance .