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    PowerCenter Integration Service in Admin Console hangs

    Michele DuBose Seasoned Veteran

      Hello, I have PowerCenter 9.5.0. I'm accessing the Admin Console like so, www.machinename:port/adminconsole. When logging into the Admin Console and under Doman>Services and Nodes, I click the Integration Service.  When doing so, it just hangs.  It hung for some time so I'd closed the browser.  When opening the Admin Console again, now that hangs.  I'm not even presented with logging in anymore because it's hanging. I've checked the node.log file located under $INFA_HOME/tomcat/logs and do not see any errors for the timestamp of the incident.  Also, I do not see any logs from catalina.log file located under $INFA_HOME/tomcat/temp/_AdminConsole/logs for a timestamp of the incident. I've connected to the Integration Service through PowerCenter Workflow Monitor without issue.  Also, the workflows are running as expected. What could cause this issue?

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