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      • 15. Re: Wf Scheduled to run 10 times Monday to Friday
        user126898 Guru

        Your requirement is not going to be handled with the built in Informatica scheduler.  The built in scheduler is extremely basic.


        So you are going to have to create a script that handles your specific situation or use a third party scheduling tool that has more robust scheduling options like control-m.





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        • 16. Re: Wf Scheduled to run 10 times Monday to Friday
          Nico Heinze Guru

          That's correct, but using a shell script that can be done way easier.

          The shell script would, for example, be started via cron at 9 A:M:; then it looks for a source file and, if it finds any, it starts the workflow with a pmcmd command; after the workflow finished, the script will simply check whether it's already 11 a.m. and, if so, exits; if current time is before 11 a.m., the script will simply repeat its main loop (checking for a source file and either sleeping for several seconds or invoking the workflow via pmcmd).




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