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    Error in Command Input Type

    Jeya Rangaraju Guru



      I am trying to use the command input type in a session to list the file names within a folder and it throws the error:

      Message Code: FR_3018

      Message: The indirect input file does not contain filenames.

      FR_3018 []


      I have set the below in the session properties

      Input Type: Command

      Command Type: Command Generating File List

      command: dir C:/Informatica/10.0.0/server/infa_shared/SrcFiles/ProjectA/*.csv /B /s


      I have also set the custom property SkipUnixToNTCmdPathConversion=yes;


      When I run the command directly in Windows Command prompt, it list the files along with the full path. Any idea why the command wouldn't work in Informatica.