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    Parameter as port name in Expression

    hayes5736 New Member

      I'm working in DEI I was wondering if there is a way to use a parameter as a port name in an expression of a dynamic mapping.


      I have a lookup transformation that passes a port to my expression named message_id_LKP. This lookup will tell me if my source row exists in the target. If it exists I will potentially update the target else I will insert the row.


      I have a parameter set up named, param_lookup_key_column with a default value of message_id_LKP.


      I want to create an expression like this: IIF(ISNULL($param_lookup_key_column), 'INSERT', 'UPDATE')


      So, at run time I want the parameter to be expanded (to the port name) before the expression is evaluated.


      I remember something from my PowerCenter days about IsExpVar. Is there some way to force the parameter to be expanded prior to evaluating the expression?


      Currently, the expression ends up evaluating ISNULL('message_id_LKP')